Greenwood, Indiana HVAC services

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For Greenwood, Indiana residents, the cold and heat that result from the weather in Central Indiana throughout the year are expected. When it’s winter, the weather can dip to below zero, and the summer can carry temperatures into the 90s and beyond. In this environment, it can be very uncomfortable and potentially even downright dangerous to have the heating or cooling systems of a home malfunction or go out entirely. These seasons last for months, and are sure to put some level of strain on your HVAC system. Furnace and air issues are relatively common, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be prevented or can’t be dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively.

For every part of your HVAC system that might be damaged, malfunctioning or inoperable, Johnson Heating & Cooling is the answer you need. Our HVAC services in Greenwood include all major brands and systems, and we’re able to meet every heating and cooling issue you have with our expert team members ready to help. Whether through repair or replacement, we’ll be able to work with you every step of the way to be sure we’re making the best call for your unique situation.

Johnson Heating & Cooling is the total HVAC partner for residents throughout Central Indiana, and make sure that every household can stay comfortable and secure year-round. Some of our services across heating and cooling include:

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Picture this: it’s the middle of summer. The middle of the day on the hottest weekend of the year. Then, your air conditioning system goes out or stops working the way you need it to. When your AC needs to be repaired, you probably want to make sure that you’re working with the best partner possible in order to deal with the issue and get back to a cool relaxing summer season for you and your family.

No matter when your air conditioning system goes out, in the middle of the day or late at night, Johnson Heating & Cooling is available to help. We have 24-hour emergency repair services, always on call when an issue comes up. We come out to you, quickly diagnose the problem, and then take measures to make a speedy repair or talk to you if anything needs to be replaced. Before the need for emergency repair comes up though, be sure to keep aware of the common issues that will come up with air conditioners and usually signal that something isn’t quite right. These include energy bills that are higher than normal, unusual noises, airflow that isn’t what it usually is and air that’s not as cold as normal. With a timely inspection, you can stop problems before they become major.

Filter Replacement

Dirty filters in an HVAC system are one of the top elements that can lead to higher energy output, lower efficiency, and more allergen materials in your house. Filters are made so that your HVAC system is guarded from airborne material like dust, hair and other particulates from moving through the system and being breathed in. The more these are breathed in, the more likely a resident is to have a respiratory issue living in the home such as allergies or asthma.

A filter becomes clogged when enough particulate matter enters it that it becomes a struggle for enough air to get through and into your HVAC system. To begin with, a clogged filter puts more strain on your system, as a fan will have to run harder or longer to get the same amount of air through that it was able to do before. This can lead to wearing down or breaking of parts within the system. Additionally, the increased energy that will be drawn by the system will start to show on your energy bills. Secondly, dust and particulate that is in the filter will get sucked through and into the system, leading to more allergens and other foreign matter in the air that you, your family and your guests breathe. Johnson Heating & Cooling will be able to check, clean or replace your filter at low cost to you.

Thermostat Repair and Replacement

The thermostat controls the entire HVAC system, but it usually goes under the radar and isn’t thought of often when it’s working properly. When it’s not working right, however, it can lead to issues like your system not properly responding to what you want it to do, and can bring your home’s heating and cooling to a screeching halt.

If your thermostat is an issue in how your system is running, the experts with Johnson have the knowledge of thermostat inputs and issues to be able to deal with whatever type is installed in your home. Whether we repair or replace your thermostat, we’ll be sure that it fits for your budget. 

Furnace Repair

When it’s cold outside, you don’t want to wake up chilly and then realize that your furnace has gone out. Before it gets cold outside, be sure to inspect and tune up your unit so that when you need it you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your furnace will keep working through the season. Johnson Heating & Cooling can ensure your unit is in top shape, and with a tune-up or inspection we could even potentially lower your energy bills.

Our 24-hour service means that whenever you encounter an issue with your furnace, we’ll be able to come out quickly and handle the issue. Perhaps your thermostat is out or your filter is clogged, but you could also be dealing with an issue with your airflow, ignition control, pilot light or heat pump. Our team members have decades of experience fixing thermostat issues in Greenwood, and they’ll be able to quickly identify the problem and make sure that a solution is found. Call us, and make sure your issue is addressed by the heating and cooling company that’s kept Central Indiana comfortable since 1968.

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