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Throughout the central Indiana area, Johnson Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has been the plumber of choice trusted by thousands and thousands of satisfied customers. Perhaps the most common reason of all to call plumbers is for drain cleaning services. When you’ve got a stubborn clog that needs to be cleared, rely on the family-owned and operated company that’s been serving the area since 1968!


Plumbing SNAFU? We Feel Your Pain!

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage, a clogged drain can bring your household’s normal operation to a screeching halt. We understand the pain you experience when something goes wrong the plumbing. From a blocked toilet to a slow-draining sink to a bathtub or shower drain that won’t empty at all, these problems are incredibly annoying and interrupt the flow of daily activities in your home. Call us at 317-881-7738 and we’ll send one of our licensed professional plumbers to get your drain cleaned out and back in tip-top shape in a jiffy!

The Consistent, Persistent Drain Clog

Sometimes you’ll notice that a particular drain will clog over and over again. This typically indicates there is something else happening here, such as a larger object that has become lodged in the pipe. In other cases, we’ve seen more serious problems with the sewer lines that exit houses that are the root cause of the issues. If you have a recurring clog, now is the time to get to the bottom of what’s really happening so it can be fixed once and for all. Other signs indicating your drains need to be professionally cleaned include strange smells emanating from the drain itself, decreased water pressure from the tap, or overflowing water or waste from a sink or toilet. You also might not be thinking about some important drains your home may or may not have. Is there a floor drain in your garage? Is there a drain in your basement? How about a drain in your laundry room? Those should be checked and maintained on a regular basis as well.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

A lot of homeowners don’t want to call a plumber for something as “simple” as a clogged drain. Clearing it should be a simple DIY project, right? They go to the store and buy some kind of drain-cleaner, clog-clearing product, and then after using most of it, the clog is only slightly better. So you go back and buy something else, and that doesn’t seem to work either. Meanwhile, these products contain serious chemicals that are not only dangerous to handle but can actually cause damage to the clogged drainpipe leading to an even more costly plumbing project that involves pipe replacement. Either way, you end up making a call to a professional plumber. What you can do, however, is to avoid the drain clog to begin with. You’ve got to think before sending something down the drain and watch out for the following classic cloggers:

  • The Garbage Disposal is Not Magical. It may seem like your kitchen sink garbage disposal is some kind of magical technology that can handle just about anything you throw at, right up until you have a serious clog on your hands. They lead to all kinds of clogs unless you avoid the following: fruit peels and rinds, starchy and fibrous foods (potato and onion skins, asparagus, celery, corn husks, artichokes, etc.), and in general anything you wouldn’t eat—that’s what composting is for!
  • Oil, Fats, Grease. If you pour these sorts of things down the drain, you’re practically guaranteeing a serious clog problem on the horizon they coat the pipes, causing buildup and sludge until the pipe becomes entirely blocked. 
  • The Toilet is Also Not Magical. Keep in mind that toilets have been designed to handle normal human waste and toilet paper—nothing else. If you or any of your family members are of the “when in doubt, flush it” approach, you’re in for plenty of nasty clogs. Stop using your toilet like a garbage can! No hygiene products, no paper towels, no cotton swabs, no wipes, no cosmetic towelettes, no dental floss, no kitty litter—none of that should ever be flushed down the toilet. 

Avoid making the DIY mistakes that lead to even costlier problems and call Johnson instead. Our professional drain cleaning services will get the job done at a price you can afford before it spins out of control. Join the Johnson Service Club and you’ll enjoy regular plumbing inspection and maintenance services so you won’t experience a plumbing emergency. We’ll carefully inspect every drain in your house: Kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry room, garage, basements—we’ll check them all for any potential problems. If we need to use a snake or an auger or other specialized equipment, we’ve got them all, and the skilled technicians who know how to use them.

Drain Cleaning Methods: How We Get the Job Done

Our process begins with an inspection of any problem drains by inserting a camera into them to identify the blocked area and determine how best to proceed. To solve the basic clogged drain problem, we will use a drain snake to latch onto any blockages and fish them out. The snake is pushed through the drain line until it reaches the blockage, remove it. A drain snake is a long and agile device, which can fit into even the smallest of pipes. A more serious clog might require a drain auger, which is similar to a drain snake but is attached to a rotating crank (electric or manual) to increase its clog-clearing power.

Johnson HCP: Reliable Customer Service with a Smile

Rest assured that during the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking special precautions to protect both our customers and our staff. If you’re in a community of the greater Indianapolis and central Indiana area, you’re probably in one of our service areas. Our licensed, professional plumbing technicians are fully trained to deal with all your plumbing needs, and the Johnson approach to customer service is simple—friendly service with a smile! Take advantage of the specials we’re offering, and when you need expert professional drain cleaning services or have other plumbing needs, call us at 317-881-7738!

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