Drain Cleaning Services in Greenwood

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Do you have a clogged drain that just keeps returning? There is likely a larger object stuck in your pipes, or else you have a more serious problem within your sewer line. To get to the bottom of your clogged drain problems, we provide professional drain cleaning in Greenwood and surrounding areas.

As a family owned business we understand the problems a family faces when the plumbing goes wrong, from a blocked toilet to baths and sinks emptying slowly or simply refusing to empty. Not only are these problems annoying, they can also be hazardous with waste water carrying germs and bacteria associated with many illnesses.


What are Signs You Need Drain Cleaning?

When people think of cleaning their drains, their minds generally jump to the conclusion that the drain is clogged. This is not necessarily the only reason that calls for drain cleaning, although it is a common sign of drain trouble.

Other signs that your drain line should be cleaned include strange smells emanating from the drain itself, decreased water pressure from the tap, or overflowing water or waste from a sink or toilet. These are situations which can easily be avoided, as long as proper maintenance is performed.

What are Types of Drain Cleaning Methods?

Our process begins with an inspection of the various problems faced by the property owner, this is followed by one of our extensive team of technicians inserting a camera into the drains to identify the blocked area and determine how best to proceed. In the past a blocked drain meant a snake would be used to pierce a hole in the drain to allow a small amount of waste water to pass through the blockage and keep the waste moving through the drain.

To solve the basic clogged drain problem, we will use a drain snake to latch onto any blockages and fish them out. The snake is pushed through the drain line until it reaches the blockage, removing it. A drain snake is a long and agile device, which can fit into even the smallest of pipes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

Regular drain inspections and cleanings are recommended every three years or so. Proper maintenance is key to extending the life of your pipe system. Turning to drain cleaners bought at the store can actually hurt your pipes. This is why professional drain cleaning is recommended to ensure that your pipes are maintained using the safest methods.

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