Furnace Installation for homes in Greenwood, Indiana

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Your furnace is a piece of equipment that when it works, typically has no cause to worry. It protects you and your family from Indiana’s harsh winters, but if it’s getting older or at risk of breakdown, then it’s time to look at some of the issues that might mean you need to install a new furnace.

Some of the issues with an older furnace that should lead to replacement with a new unit include:

High energy bills

Your monthly energy costs can already be relatively high during the winter, having to heat an entire house if it’s cold outside. But an older furnace will make the problem a lot worse, leading to worry about a huge energy cost that doesn’t need to be that high. Older furnaces, even if they’re in good condition, need more energy to run than modern manufactured furnaces. Newer models cost money to buy and install, but the energy savings in the long run make a new furnace an investment you should consider.

Difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature

When a furnace becomes old enough, it can be difficult for it to operate the way you need it to in your home. Whether it isn’t moving the air fast enough or isn’t providing enough heat, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the home is the main job of any furnace. If your furnace isn’t doing this well enough for you to be satisfied, it’s time to get rid of it.

Possibility of breakdown

The older your furnace gets, the more likely it is to breakdown and leave you and your home without heat in the middle of winter. Not only is an unexpected breakdown inconvenient, it can actually be dangerous for you and your family. Even a few hours without heat is more than you should go through, especially if your home contains children, elderly individuals or pets. Regular maintenance will make sure your unit runs better for longer, and Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing offers regular maintenance services, but if maintenance is becoming more and more frequent, you’re approaching a breakdown and need to head things off at the pass with a new furnace. 

The experts to install your new furnace

The expert Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing team has decades of experience in working with businesses and homes in Greenwood, Indiana. We’ve been around since 1968, and have always provided the best service to meet the needs of the homeowners we talk to and work with. We work within your budget and make sure that people understand the process we work with. Our team understands the latest in heating and furnace technology, so we can provide the best equipment and make sure you and your family stay as comfortable as possible.

A new furnace can make sure you and your family get through the winter comfortably, and complete confidence in your heating system is something that you can’t put a price on. Whether your first priority is lowering your energy bills throughout the winter, or it’s finding a unit that works with your budget and won’t break down, then Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing has the furnace options that will work for you.

Our team members are thoroughly vetted before joining the team at Johnson, and we make sure that everyone who will come out and work with you has a total understanding of the tools and process it takes to install a new furnace for you. We can install a custom Trane Heating System for you – Trane is a world leader in High-Efficiency Furnace Systems. A Trane furnace doesn’t have to be outside your budget, with current local and federal rebates as well as Trane financing offers. Contact us to find out more about the deals you can get through Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing.

Throughout the installation process, our certified technicians will do everything possible to keep time and costs to a minimum while working for you. You’ll want to be sure you keep your furnace in the best possible condition, so throughout the life of your furnace you’ll want to maintain the unit. Problems like issues with airflow, clogged filters, or thermostat problems can all be serious, so regular maintenance calls can help you ensure that you don’t have to deal with these.

The Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing team has decades of experience in working with customers in Greenwood, Indiana. We always work to make sure that our customers feel that our rates have been fair and that they’ve been treated fairly and with respect. We can work with you to install a new furnace, and make sure that your family has made it through another cold winter in comfort. Contact us today for furnace installation.

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