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Air Handler Installation 

Air Handler Installation in Greenwood, IN

If your home or business in Greenwood, IN has an air handler in the attic, basement, utility room, closet, or mounted on the roof, turn to Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing to provide air handler replacement services when you need them.

Your air handler is an important component of your HVAC system. If it needs to be repaired frequently or has just stopped working altogether, then talk to Johnson in Greenwood, IN. We can provide you with quality air handler installation services to restore comfort to your property again quickly. Talk to us today to learn more. 


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What is an Air Handler?

An air handler is an indoor unit that functions as a blower for your home’s heating and cooling system. Without an air handler, your system would not be able to circulate air throughout your air ducts.

Air handlers work in conjunction with the air conditioner, heater, and indoor air quality elements of an HVAC system to deliver filtered, heated, or cooled air throughout the space. When maintained properly and repaired when needed, air handlers are very efficient and can be used year-round to maintain a comfortable home environment and keep the temperature steady.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Air Handlers

Air handlers can come in a variety of speed features. The more speeds an air handler has, the more efficient it can be, which will lower your energy costs. Let’s explore the different types of air handler speeds to see which would be best for your home or business.

Single Speed

Single-speed air handlers run at full capacity every time they’re turned on, so they tend to consume a lot of energy. You won’t have any control over the speed delivered by this type of handler.

Multi Speed

Multiple-speed air handlers typically offer two or three separate levels of operation, which provides you with more control over their heating and cooling delivery. They start out working at full capacity, and then, gradually, decrease their operating power to maintain the desired temperature in the space.

Variable Speed

Variable-speed air handlers deliver maximum efficiency with multiple speed settings. They start out at the lowest power level, and then automatically adjust their operational power to manage the current temperature and atmospheric conditions of the given space. These are typically the most energy-efficient air handlers.

Should I Replace or Repair my Air Handler?

Whenever something doesn’t seem right with the operation of your air handler, you should call Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing to investigate the issue.

Oftentimes, if the issue is caught early enough, it can be a quick and affordable repair. However, there are times when you might want to consider replacing the air handler entirely. Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding whether to repair or replace the air handler in your Greenwood area home.

Repair Your Air Handler If:

  • Energy bills are rising. Many times, an air handler repair will improve efficiency and restore your energy bills to normal levels.
  • Warm air. A system that blows warm air into a room might be caused by a damaged compressor which can be easily fixed. 
  • Odors. Musty odors usually mean that your system is growing mold and just needs to be cleaned. Burning smells could indicate an electrical issue that can be easily resolved. 
  • Noises. Noises are your system’s way of telling you it needs help. Oftentimes, noises are caused by loose parts and a simple inspection should quiet your system again.

Replace Your Air Handler If:

  • The unit is 10-15 years old. Air handlers tend to last this long, and a system with frequent repairs at this age probably should be replaced. 
  • AHRI rating doesn’t match your current HVAC system. If the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) rating is not the same as your current heating and cooling system, a new air handler will be more compatible. 
  • The system freezes in the summer. This could be indicative of a refrigeration leak.
  • Low airflow. An inspection of your air handler can find the cause of low airflow. It can mean that important mechanical parts are failing. 

Talk to Johnson About Financing Options for Greenwood Area Residents

A broken air handler can make your home or business incredibly uncomfortable, but Johnson doesn’t think you should suffer without one. This is why we offer flexible financing options for those who qualify.

Financing takes the large total of an air handler or HVAC system and breaks it down into smaller, more affordable chunks. We offer financing through Carrier Credit Card or Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit Card to help make buying a new cooling system a reality. Talk to Johnson today to see if you qualify. 

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When you need air handler installation service in your Greenwood, IN area property, the team at Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing is here to help. We provide quality services for both your home’s HVAC and plumbing needs. Our expert team of certified technicians can troubleshoot issues that are causing you discomfort in your home and provide quality solutions at affordable prices. Trust the team that can do it all, and give Johnson a call to schedule an appointment today.

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