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An optimally functioning heating and cooling system is essential for maintaining a comfortable climate inside your home or commercial property. When problems occur they can be quite inconvenient and in more serious cases affect the well-being of you and your loved ones. For almost 5 decades Johnson Heating & Cooling, Inc. has been providing residents of Center Grove and the surrounding communities with expert repair, installation, and maintenance services to ensure maximum temperature control and a more pleasant interior environment.

Heating and Cooling Services in Center Grove

Whether you are looking to replace an outdated heating system, want to install a more efficient air conditioner, are thinking about upgrading to a tankless water heater, or are faced with another issue that requires our professional attention, our specialists are here to help. To read reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers in your area, click here.

We proudly offer the following services in Center Grove, Indiana:

What are 3 benefits of installing a new AC system?

  • Savings: You will begin to take advantage of immediate savings after installing a more efficient air conditioning system. A brand-new unit will decrease your monthly utility bills and ensure that any future complications are avoided.
  • Maximum comfort: You will notice an instant difference in your comfort level after installing a new air conditioner. Cool air will be evenly dispersed throughout your property and you will have superior control over your interior environment.
  • Indoor air quality: Older air conditioners have a tendency to reduce indoor air quality. A new system will ensure a fresher and healthier home or building.

What are some signs that your heater needs to be repaired?

When the temperature inside your home or building starts to fluctuate it will likely mean that your heating system needs to be serviced. An inconsistent temperature or one that is not evenly distributed throughout your property is in definite need of repairs. A unit that is not operating efficiently will have to work harder to produce a desirable indoor climate and you will start to notice a significant increase in your monthly utility bills.

Additionally, a heater that starts to make strange and unpleasant noises will have to be examined right away by the professionals at Johnson Heating & Cooling, Inc. We will come out to your home or commercial property to determine what is causing the problem and then orchestrate the necessary repairs.

What are 3 advantages of tankless water heaters over traditional units?

  • Space: As these systems do not require a tank to function, they will free up more space inside your home or building, which can be utilized in any way you like.
  • Immediate production: Everyone in your home or building will benefit from the immediate production of hot water. Traditional units heat up a predetermined amount of water, which can be left to sit for long periods of time without being used, creating higher monthly utility costs.
  • Longer life: The efficiency and quality of a tankless water heater is unbeatable. Less maintenance is required for this system to operate effectively and they are expected to far outlast traditional units.

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