Professional Heating Services in Greenwood

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If your heat system fails, it’s not just your comfort at risk - lengthy waits for repairs can contribute to frozen pipes and plumbing damage as well potential health issues for your family and loved ones. That is why the friendly professionals of Johnson Heating & Cooling recommend regular service for your heater or furnace. Our heat repair service area includes Greenwood, Franklin, Southside Indianapolis, and surrounding areas of Central Indiana. We are here to help you meet all your heating challenges this winter.

Professional Heating Services in Greenwood

Heating Services We Offer

Are You Maintaining Your Heating Units Properly?

Proper maintenance of your furnace or heating system is of the utmost importance year-round. Completing our seasonal inspection ahead of dropping winter temperatures helps our customers in Greenwood, Franklin, and Southside Indianapolis avoid major problems when you rely on your heat for comfort and health. These inspections not only identify potential issues but also provide your heating system with a tune-up to help reduce your energy costs through the winter. Our Service Club offers a bundle of safety and savings to ensure that your heater is ready to work all season long.

Ideally, these inspections should be completed once a year. However, if your air stops flowing, your utility bill costs jump drastically, or no heat is coming from your register, contact us for immediate assistance. We look forward to helping keep your home and family warm.

What are Common Heating Problems?

The most common heating system repair and replacement is a heat exchanger. This component frequently lasts up to 20 years before needing to be replaced, but older models can last much longer at the cost of losing efficiency. As with all machinery, ensuring proper maintenance, regularly replacing filters, controlling moisture, and cleaning coils will increase your furnace or heater’s efficiency and save you money in the process.

Other typical heating problems include:

  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Pilot light ignition problems
  • Noisy furnace and blower
  • General lack of maintenance

Do You Need Heat Pump Services?

Does your home have a heat pump? If it is malfunctioning, Johnson Comfort will help solve your heat pump maintenance needs. Common issues requiring heat pump maintenance include refrigerant leaks, poor airflow, motor wear and tear, coil or duct obstructions, and more. Our expert technicians will do what it takes to get your heat pump running properly.

Heat pumps move heat into your home during wintertime and pump heat outside in the summer to keep your home cool. These important devices take the place of traditional furnaces and help reduce the risk of fires in your home. Heat pumps also help reduce the energy costs associated with heating your home whether you use oil, gas, or electric power. Most have efficiency rating available to help you in determining what model is best-suited to meet your needs.

Why Work With Johnson Heating & Cooling?

When you do business with Johnson Heating and Cooling, you get more than a solution to your home comfort needs. You get a promise of expertise and quality. Our skilled technicians are tested and certified. And we train our teams to work quickly and efficiently so that we can return your home to its expected comfortable state. We ensure that our technicians receive ongoing training so that they are up to date on the latest heating technologies.

We proudly administer our heating repair and maintenance services in our flag-draped Johnson Heating & Cooling blue vans. Our technicians bring the utmost professionalism to the job from their technical expertise and their neat and clean uniforms. We respect your property and will keep it clean - we won’t enter your home before we put on our shoe covers!

Here are Johnson Heating & Cooling, our technicians are not only highly trained but are also dedicated to keeping your home protected. In business for over 50 years, we’ll fix your heating system the right way, or it’s FREE!

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