Water Line Repair For Greenwood and Indianapolis

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Your water line carries fresh, clean water into your home every day to meet your needs, so when there’s damage to your water line the situation is serious. Is your water pressure lower than normal? Is there discoloration or particulate matter in your water? Is water coming up in your lawn, or somewhere else where it shouldn’t be? If any of these apply to you, you’re likely dealing with a damaged or broken water line.

Our experts at Johnson Heating & Cooling are experienced in dealing with damaged or broken water lines and can provide speedy service both in Greenwood and in areas throughout Central Indiana.

Water pipe is residential neighborhood

What’s Damaging Your Water Line?

Your water line is meant to have a long lifespan, but unexpected events can lead to damages impacting your water line’s ability to carry water as well as your water quality.

Digging for projects without properly checking the area for pipes can lead to an accidental puncture or another form of damage to your water line. It’s important to know where your water line is before you dig.

Tree roots, when allowed to grow unchecked, can puncture or even crush your water line. It’s important to check this with trees growing near the line.

Earthquakes or even excessive age can play a role in damaging your water line. Be sure to keep your line’s age in mind when considering if there might be damage.

Our specialists are trained in water line repair, providing expert assessment and service to get clean water running again to your home.

Underground Water Line Repair

Our water line repair services can reach wherever the issue is, even underground. Our specialists can pinpoint the location of your water line damage using our specialist equipment and are able to repair the damage with as little damage to your yard as possible. Johnson Heating & Cooling uses the latest tools and methods and makes sure your water line is back up and working in as little time as possible.

We understand that a damaged waterline needs quick action. Call us today at (317) 820-2722 for immediate assistance!