Professional Cooling & Air Conditioning Services in Greenwood

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You want to make sure you’re getting the service you need to keep your AC unit working. There are a few common issues that affect the average AC unit, but you can avoid these problems with regular maintenance and care. Our technicians provide top-notch services to get your cooling system working as efficiently as possible. We serve customers throughout Greenwood and surrounding areas in Central Indiana. Read on to learn how you can keep your home cool year-round with regular tune-ups and timely repairs.

Professional Cooling & Air Conditioning Services in Greenwood

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How Often Should You Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

We recommend an AC tune-up at least once a year. This will help your unit maintain its efficiency while saving you on avoidable repair costs. During routine maintenance, we will be able to catch major issues that may be developing. Tuning up your air conditioning system is a proven way to lower your electricity costs during the hottest months of the year, while also helping to prevent expensive breakdowns.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC?

Newer AC units are typically designed to last several decades, so homeowners will need to review their options when it comes time repairs. As the units age, they will typically need more frequent repairs just to keep them working at normal efficiency. You will want to compare the cost of repair against the cost of installing an all-new unit. Our technicians will help recommend when replacements are more cost-effective, and when repairs will do the job.

If a replacement is in order, contact us for competitive pricing on new air conditioning systems. We can help you plan affordable financing options to fit your budget.

During and after installation: Johnson Heating & Cooling has been around for over four decades, and we'll be here for you for years to come--backing up your air conditioning system installation with certified and reliable service. Our installation technicians are certified and experienced, receiving an ongoing education that keeps them current with the latest technology. They'll care for your home and complete the job for you with speed and precision.

What are Signs You Need to Have Your AC Checked?

There are a few common AC issues to be on the lookout for. For example, does your unit tend to slow down unexpectedly? Has your utility bill suddenly increased? There are different causes that can contribute to these problems. We will inspect your unit to get to the source of the problem and repair the issue before further problems have a chance to develop.

You will also want to replace your AC filter at regular intervals. This will help ensure that the unit operates at peak efficiency and doesn't have to struggle to produce the same cooling effect. Our technicians will be able to show you the basics of proper filter replacement and cleaning.

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