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H&H Heating & Cooling Is Now Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing

Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing is proud to bring our locally-trusted hometown service to customers who previously turned to H&H Heating & Cooling for their needs.

We already have customer equipment, systems, and services on file. Give us a call or reach out through our form to experience seamless service.

We here at Johnson have proudly served Central Indiana for decades. We were founded more than 50 years ago, back in 1968, and still employ a fantastic team of local HVAC technicians to fix, install, repair, and replace heating and cooling systems in Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Greenwood, and Franklin.

We Work Proactively To Save You Money

Our team knows that if your heating or A/C system fails, waiting for repairs can make matters worse. Potential health issues for your family and loved ones, frozen pipes, and plumbing failures all demand quick assistance when you run into a problem with your appliances.

We service the following needs, and so much more, for both Residential homeowners and Commercial business customers:

To save you money in the long-term, we recommend homeowners and businesses consider proactive service for your heater and furnace before winter hits, as well as diagnostic tests on your air conditioning before the heat of the summer tests the limits of your system.

Of course, decades of experience gives our technicians the understanding that many customers must react when their system fails. If you need help immediately, call our emergency line at 317-283-9597. We’ll move fast to get you the service you need.

We Have Three Core Values

There are many different HVAC and Plumbing professionals to choose from when you’re in a bind. At Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing, we aim to provide exceptional service to our customers by operating under a set of values for every job.

  • We hire Licensed Professionals (Background Checked!)
  • We aim for Quick, Optimized Installation
  • We offer a One Year Guarantee

When you allow us into your home and trust us with your pipes, valves, fans, and furnaces, we know that you expect careful analysis and honest service. We aim to do the job right from the very first appointment, so you can spend less time guessing whether your systems are in good shape or not.

Our goal is to help our customers go above and beyond, so that there’s no degree of stress. Thank you for trusting us to give you personal attention, find the right solutions and put our experience to work.

Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Service In Beech Grove

If you’ve recently purchased a house in Beech Grove, or currently live in the Southern Indianapolis area, you know that many of the homes were built decades ago. When it comes to heating, cooling and plumbing systems in old homes, it’s important to perform due diligence and run diagnostic tests to avoid a costly repair or replacement.

The issues homeowners often face don’t solve themselves over time—they only get worse. It’s important to schedule low-cost maintenance before you start to face problems. Your fans may be making an odd noise, or

your thermostat may not be working properly. There are early signs and symptoms that any homeowner can detect and make a call to address. We offer low-cost solutions to help.

Plumbing Service In Marion County

While all customers from H&H Heating & Cooling have their HVAC systems in our files, you’ll be happy to know that you can truly receive whole-home service through Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing.

Our trained, licensed and insured plumbers know how important it is to act quickly when customers run into a plumbing problem. We offer the same Emergency Service our HVAC customers receive to all of our Plumbing customers, as well.

If you need help with any of the following, Residential or Commercial, know that we’re ready to make a fix:

We encourage all of our customers to use our coupons to save money on their plumbing services. If any customers from H&H Heating and Cooling want to take advantage of our specials, or need to do so in an emergency situation, we would love to show you our exceptional service.

Contact Our Team With Any Questions

There are plenty of ways to get connected with our technicians, plumbers and service team members. Give us a call at 317-283-9597, reach out to schedule an appointment here on our website, or talk to us via live chat located in the lower left hand corner of the site. Any of our team members would be happy to speak with you and understand any problems you might be facing with your heating, cooling or plumbing systems.

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