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You Will Not Believe That Keeping a Healthy Home Was This Easy!

Aug 15, 2014

Enjoy The Health Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System


Whole House Water FiltrationMore than 70 percent of the human body is made of water. It’s essential in keeping the body in a homeostasis state. From helping with digestion, removing toxins to regulating the blood volume, water is employed throughout the human organism. Knowing this, it makes sense to have a whole house water filtration system installed by a professional plumber to support a healthy lifestyle.

Whole house water filtration is arranged to connect to the main water line of the home. As the name suggest; all the faucets distribute water which have been purified, toilets and washing machines are included.

The advantages of filtration:

Greenwood PlumberCleaner water – Lead, pesticides, industrial chemicals, prescription drugs and mercury. This is just a small list of dangerous residue that lurks in most water supplies. Drinking contaminated water increase your risk for diseases, including cancer. Filtered water prevents you from coming in contact with filthy debris. It’s reassuring to be able to enjoy your drink without having to wonder if it’s harmful to you and your family.

Lovelier skin and hair – Flaky dry skin and brittle hair that has no shine is the result of lime or calcium scale build up. Filtration removes sediments that enter the water supply so they don’t get a chance to settle, forming a crusty barrier. In the end, you’ll have softer skin and luxurious hair.

Also when you shower or take a bath, your pores are open and will absorb the chemicals which are present. With the purification system in place, you know that you’re truly cleansing your skin and not placing a burden upon your immune system.

Breathe easier – Chlorine is added to water to purify and disinfect it. But this bleaching agent can turn into an irritating toxic gas when combine with other elements in the water supply. When you take a hot bath or shower, the vapors formed are the equivalent of carcinogens. This toxic steam is inhaled into the lungs, which can cause respiratory problems in people who have pre-existing issues. A whole house filtration system can improve the air quality in your home by removing the components which are hazardous to your health.

There are other benefits such as making sure your pet(s) has safe drinking water and your plants receive chemical free watering. For your overall well-being and for a sense of security for you and your family.

Keep the water in your Greenwood home free of contaminants! Call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 for whole house water filtration services. 

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