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What Regular Maintenance Services Do AC Units Need?

Jul 18, 2014

Facts Handy Homeowners Must Know About Their AC


AC MaintenanceAir conditioners are the most effective way to escape the heat this summer. After waiting all winter for that bright summer sun, it can be easy to forget how dangerous heat waves can be. Without proper air conditioning, we spend less time relaxing with families and more time in sweaty discomfort.

While purchasing an air condition may seem easy enough, they do require occasional check-ups to retain their efficiency. Suitable attention avoids the steady decline in performance neglected air conditioners experience as they age.

The most common problem consumers experience are obstructed filters. Filters protect the unit from dirt and debris. As time passes, filters become less efficient. They must be cleaned or replaced monthly. Refer to the unit’s operation manual on the correct procedure that specific air conditioner requires.

Air conditioners operate using a condenser coil and evaporator coil, similarly attracting dirt and dust throughout their lifetime. Gradually the coils’ ability to absorb heat reduces and airflow becomes increasingly restricted. These coils must be checked at least annually for signs of wear(every six months if the unit operates outdoors). Cleaning the areas around the coils to remove debris will quickly bring the unit back to full operating capacity.

Repairs such as these are accomplished easily enough by anyone with the proper tools. Yet, there are situations where a more experienced hand is required. Call a professional technician to fix the more advanced complications your air conditioner may experience. Well-trained repairmen have the equipment to repair motors and belts, seal ducts, test for leaks, and verify that the air conditioning electrical systems are operating properly. A simple phone call will save money otherwise wasted by running dilapidated machines.

Finally, as temperatures begin to drop outdoors and winter approaches, remember to store away indoor units and cover any outdoor central air conditioners from weather and debris. Appropriately care for your air conditioner and you’ll continue to enjoy its cool atmosphere year after year.

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