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How Long Does it Take to Repipe a Bathroom?

Jun 27, 2014


Repiping There are certain factors to take into consideration in estimating the amount of time that it will take to re- pipe your bathroom. On average re- piping your bathroom will take anywhere from two to five working days to complete. In addition, it will take an extra three to five working days for the government to inspect municipalities. During this time the plumber will also tear down the dry wall in which the re- piping will take place. Put the dry wall back up that was previously removed.Then, the plumber will have to re- paint the wall in which the drywall was removed. It could take anywhere from a week to two weeks for a repipe to be completed.

While re- piping your bathroom could take anywhere from a week to two weeks it is not a huge inconvenience to your everyday life. During this time you will not have to move out as the technicians complete the task at hand while you live in the comfort of your own home. If you are wondering your water will be turned off during the bathroom repiping, because access to your bathroom is essential for the plumber to complete the task at hand. But, your water service will be restored to one bathroom and your kitchen for your convenience.

You will also be advised to remove any fragile objects, and personal property from under your kitchen sink, bathroom, and laundry room sink. Doing this will help the plumber in ensuring that your personal belongings do not get damaged when he/she re- pipes your bathroom. But, if you choose not to the plumber will carefully remove and protect any necessary belongings. Even though it may take up to two weeks to repipe your bathroom, doing so will not majorly effect your everyday life.

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