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What happens if I don’t change my air filter?

Apr 18, 2014

The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter in a Timely Manner


Air FilterBeing a homeowner is the number one goal of many people. It is often seen as a sign of being a success in life. However, there are many responsibilities that go along with being a homeowner to ensure that it retains its value. While it is often overlooked, remembering to change the ventilation, heating and air filter on an air conditioning system regularly is a must.

The following are three important reasons why you should take care of this task regularly:

First of all, the air filter must be changed regularly to enable the entire unit to work properly. If an air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, the unit will have to work harder to make the air flow into the filter. Whenever a unit has to work harder, it will increase the possibility of any repairs or maintenance. Additionally, if a unit is older, you might need to completely replace it if it has not been maintained properly over time.

A second reason you need to change your ventilation, heating and air filters on your unit regularly is to reduce your monthly electric bills. Units that are running at their optimum levels will use less energy than units that need to work harder. Always keep in mind that if your unit’s air filter is clogged, the unit will be working longer and harder than it would need to if the filter was clean.

The last and possibly the most important reason why you should change your unit’s air filter regularly is for health reasons. Air filters work to remove minuscule particles from the air. The filters remove dangerous mold spores, dust, microorganisms and pollen from the air your family breathes in your home.

It is recommended by repair companies and manufacturers to change air filters every month. Regularly changing the air filter will ensure that your unit will work properly for its entire lifespan. The recommendation helps make sure the health of everyone in the home is as optimal as possible. It will also keep your energy bill down.

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