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Hot Water Heater Service & Installation

Franklin Indiana Hot Water Heater Service & Installation

We provide repair and installation services for water heaters of all kinds, both gas and electric. We know cost is a concern, so we’re dedicated to keeping our prices fair and competitive.
We’d bet you’d like to be able to take a hot shower anytime – without worrying about if your water heater can handle it! Our High-Efficiency A.O. Smith water heaters are eligible for local utility cash back as well as federal tax credits. Located in Franklin, Indiana, we’ve served Johnson County as a family owned and operated business since 1968. Don’t risk an unexpected cold shower – schedule a seasonal flush and tune-up of your water heater and preserve your warranty.


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We’ve been here for over 40 years
and we’ll be around for years to come. We back up our installation with reliable, certified service.
Our water heater installation technicians are drug tested, professional, certified and up to date with the latest developments in water heater technology. We complete our jobs quickly and accurately, all while respecting your property.

Residents of Franklin, Indiana and Johnson County, we can give you high-class water heater service or provide an estimate any time, day or night.

What Emergencies Do We Address?

Emergency plumbing issues are commonly viewed as the issues that are most likely to lead to major problems down the line, whether to your plumbing system as a whole or to the overall structural integrity of your house. For issues that are leading to flooding, the water damage that can occur to your home can be astronomical in cost to repair and replace all of the affected materials, so tackling the problem as quickly as possible is hugely important.
For example, sump pump issues. Sump pumps are incredibly important pieces of equipment in making sure that basements and the lowest points of houses aren’t going to flood when heavy rains come. In basement plumbing systems, sump pumps are installed to pump the water from a central point back to the outside and thus make sure that floods don’t happen to your home and result in water damage. However, if your sump pump is stalling or simply not working fast enough it can lead to a potentially dire situation during a storm, and the rising waters could leak into your basement. We’ll be able to fix the situation quickly and keep your basement safe.

With damaged sewer lines, these can be a major threat to the health of your home and everyone within it. If these pipes are old enough, they can grow weak or develop cracks due to any number of factors including tree roots growing into the pipes. When a pipe bursts, it can then lead to waste water flowing into your yard or out from your indoor drains. This issue is not only unpleasant, but also unsanitary and can potentially make you or a member of your household sick even aside from the water damage that it can cause. It’s important when you face this issue that you call out an expert as soon as possible to repair it. Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing has the plumbing experience to rapidly put a stop to the flow of water, and knows the steps to take to start solving the issue. When drains overflow or pipes crack, we’ll be able to work with you and get the issue under control as soon as possible.

No matter the issue of your plumbing, anytime of the day or night, Johnson will be able to fix your emergency issue as quickly as possible at an affordable price. Call us when your next plumbing emergency occurs.

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