Air Conditioning Repair for Franklin, Indiana

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Franklin, Indiana residents will know firsthand how hot, humid and uncomfortable the summers in Central Indiana can be. The natural heat waves and muggy weather will mean that your air conditioning unit will be working quite a lot to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable, and you can easily relax indoors throughout the season. With air conditioning units being so important to modern and convenient living, the last thing you want is to find out that all of a sudden your air conditioning unit is not working as it should be.

If your air conditioning unit does go out in the middle of the summer, it can be impossible to go without addressing it and still living with some level of comfort. In fact, with the weather getting hot enough, it can potentially have negative health effects. Increased risk for conditions like heat exhaustion and even heat stroke come from environments where people or pets can’t get cool enough. While these aren’t the most likely scenarios to take place, discomfort is reason enough alone to repair a broken air conditioning unit as fast as possible.

When dealing with air conditioning system repairs, the team members and expert technicians who are part of the team at Johnson Heating & Cooling will see you through the process with confidence. Since 1968, we’ve been the team that works with you to provide the air conditioning service you need. We tackle your air conditioning problem head-on, paying attention to your needs as a customer and getting your unit back in working order again quickly. Aside from our expert staff and great service, our pricing is competitive to accommodate our straightforward and up-front business practices.


The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning unit goes out, the cost of repair can depend on multiple factors present in the situation. First of all, the age and general condition of the unit will impact cost, as well as the specific issue you’re having to deal with, and the total time that our staff members take on diagnosing the issue as well as the costs necessary for repair. Because of so many variables at play, it’s difficult to nail down a standardized cost for an AC repair. The only way to find out is to diagnose the issue.

For some things that might cause your unit to break down, they will be easy to fix and will only need small repairs or a few easily available parts. Others might take more time and money, but our staff is always sure to thoroughly fix the issue so that you won’t need to call out a repair service again. For every issue, we walk through your options with you and find the solution that works best to meet your needs.


Maintaining Your AC Unit

If your air conditioner goes out in the middle of summer, it can be a huge hassle. Better to be sure before the warm season starts that you’ll be able to stay confident in your unit working properly. Maintaining your unit is the best way to be sure you can go all summer long without the risk of breakdowns. By arranging regular tune-ups, you’ll be able to take care of the small issues in your air conditioner that crop up like loose bolts, lowering energy efficiency and dust buildup in your filters and unit. Maintenance will keep it running better for longer, and lower your energy bills. If your unit is old enough that it’s at serious risk of breakdown and maintenance and repair is an expensive option, we can work with you to find replacement options.


Replacing Your AC Unit

You’ll know it might be time to start thinking about replacement if you’re having increasing breakdown or maintenance issues with your unit, or if it’s getting older and seems to be less effective as it used to be at keeping air cool and staying energy efficient. At the end of your air conditioning unit’s natural lifespan, our team can come out to your Franklin residence and install a new, energy efficient unit from a trusted manufacturer.

Call us today, and keep your home in Franklin cool with AC repair services.