Ductless Mini Split AC Services in Greenwood

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Want to learn how you can adopt a ductless mini split AC system into your home? This could be the new cooling addition that your household is looking for. There are a few different elements to consider when deciding whether a mini split is for you. Contact Johnson Heating & Cooling for more information and a no-obligation estimate. We serve customers throughout Greenwood and surrounding areas in Central Indiana.

Ductless Mini Split AC Services in Greenwood

How is a Mini Split Different from Central Air Conditioners?

Most central AC units rely on a network of ducts that course throughout a home. This has been the standard system available for quite some time. But there are some homes that have been built without these types of extensive ductwork. These homeowners will need a way to actually utilize an all-new system. This is where a ductless mini split AC system comes in.

Ductless mini splits are able to cool multiple rooms of a home at the same time. The ductless system uses a network of coolant wires that will be able to rapidly chill the air that gets blown through a system. Many people have discovered that they can actually install a ductless system that will be able to keep pace with the traditional models. This will help ensure a consistently low temperature throughout the home at all times.

Need to Maintain Your Mini Split?

Is your current ductless mini split AC system operating at its best? We recommend regular inspections that include tune-ups and repairs. Routine maintenance will help catch problems before they develop into larger issues.

Mini split AC systems will last a long time if homeowners take care of them. It is important to make sure that the filters on the unit are charged regularly as well as the coils located in the outdoor portion of the unit. Cottonwood and other airborne contaminants can quickly reduce the efficiency of the unit by causing it to be unable to dissipate heat. Providing routine maintenance and cleanings to the unit will ensure that the unit is working as efficiently as possible, and will decrease the chance in unit failure do to overheating. A homeowner should have professional come in, such as Johnson Heating & Cooling Inc, and routinely check each unit and perform the necessary service to them in order to extend the unit's life.

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