Customer Service Stories

Look through our Residential and Business Customers' Gallery. Also take a moment to read the stories shared by some of our customers - such as a young boy's illness and his side-affects that were - turned around - by our custom indoor comfort system consultation and air purification installation. More images and stories coming soon, so please check back! You can also read more of our customer feedback on our Customer Comments Blog.

Montgomery Family - Greenwood, Indiana
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Indianapolis Christian Fellowship

We were able to help out Indianapolis Christian Fellowship, who ran into multiple unexpected problems - including replacing a 700 pound furnace! We're here for you 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, even if part of a sprinkler system freezes and bursts! Read their story here.

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Griffin Residence - Greenwood, Indiana

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Artcraft Theatre - Franklin, Indiana

Back when the storied Artcraft Theatre first opened in 1922, in the coming decade it was an immense privilege to see a movie with "refrigeration" on a hot summer night. Movie theatre companies were among the first industries to install air conditioning systems - giving the theatres an additional lure of comfort in the summer period. It was our sincere privilege to custom install exactly what Rob Shilts of the Artcraft Theatre really needed for his customers, consistent cool and comfy conditions. Perfect indoor comfort for your American summer tradition, heading to a flick on a summer night. And what a great time it is when you have a chance to relax and get away to see the storied Artcraft Theatre in Franklin - with their classic movie showings all year round.

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Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service and Crematory - Greenwood, Indiana

We were honored again to help a Central Indiana family business rich in tradition with their service to Hoosier families for over 100 years. They had a big job need for both system repair service and a new custom comprehensive system. Thanks to our team for delivering exactly what Paul St. Pierre and his entire family needed this past Spring 2010 - to keep their customers comfortable and their day to day operations running smoothly.

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